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Getting familiar with the 8 Laws of Health: "NEW START"

Nutrition: If it grows on plants, eat it; and eat it in as natural state as possible.

Exercise: Begin a program of walking; walk as far as comfortable, gradually working up to 3 to 4 miles a day.

Water: Our body is about 75% of water. Lots of water is needed for optimal function. Every process depends on the presence of adequate water.

Sunlight: Furnishes natural vitamin D and helps to lower cholesterol. It can increase the volume of oxygen in the blood. Start with 10-15 minutes daily to face and hands, and work up to 30-45 minutes a day.

Temperance: Good health requires moderation and wise choices in all aspects of life.

Air: Pure fresh air is very important to our wellbeing. That means good air with lots of oxygen. Walking in forest and nature is great. Do some deep breathing exercise daily, this is very helpful in the morning.

Rest: For healing and cleansing to occur much rest and sleep is needed as these actions are done mostly while asleep.

Trust in God: An abiding faith in our loving God helps our health. He has made every provision to forgive and cleanse all our past mistakes. He gives power to break harmful addictions and helps overcome bitter and angry attitudes that tear us up inside. If we are willing He will work with us, take away our love for sin and make us free in Him.


"In the beginning, I had very little desire to put the eight laws of health to work. I thought of it as slightly inconvenient. However, I decided one day I was going to make a new start. I began with walking every day, drinking fresh water often, going to bed early and rising up early, began eating healthier food and not overindulging. Finally, I prayed to the Lord that He would send the increase and put a desire in my heart for His cause. The blessing came sometime after that, and these things found their way into my heart. I have been doing them ever since."

-Jacquelyn Blizzard