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  • Food
  • Natural Remedies
  • Squeaky Clean Colon
  • Exercise


At Home is a program provides you with tools to get started on the path of good health right in your own home.


At Home Health


The primary focus will be on cleansing and detoxing the body from toxins and regaining health.
I have made a short list for you to consider as you decide what you want your program to look like.

Fresh vegetables and fruits making juice, creating delicious smoothies, gravies, sauces, fruit spreads and cultured foods.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies such as castor oil packs, poultices, compresses, enemas, hydrotherapy: nutrition is in our medicine bag.

Squeaky Clean Colon

Enemas are a great way of getting old matter out of the body. It keeps body fluids flowing which will minimize bad bacteria and parasite growth throughout the system. It stimulates bile flow and liver cleansing. You can expect to have better absorption of nutrients, keep blockages out of the way, reduce inflammation and pain and a more efficient brain!


Exercise brings oxygen into the body, increasing circulation and aids digestion. It builds muscle, bone and a healthy attitude toward life. Did you know that walking massages and tones every organ in the body? It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure naturally. It remedies insomnia and promotes peristalsis of the colon.