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Nutrition - Body and Mind Connection - Spiritual Health




Health (people and animals):



In order for the body to heal it needs the proper nutrients. Case closed: go to market, get good food and buy the most expensive super food on the shelf. If only that was true many of us would not be in the situation we are today. I find in many cases the nutrition we consume is not being absorbed. That means we do not have access to it and our cells are not fed. If the cells are not fed, they starve. If what makes up our flesh are trillions of cells and 10 times that number of micro-organisms, would not it be important to keep them all happy and healthy?

Malnutrition is like going to the bank to make a deposit, but not being able to make a withdrawal. The amount of food we put into the belly is not the problem, and even the quality at a certain point. Rather dirty robbers and thieves (parasites, fungus, yeast...) hijack it and use it for their own cause. They get fed well while we starve to death literally.

Thieves and robbers must be the first to go, but in order for them to do that they must be trained to exit the body. We must get them into the habit of going into the toilet. They like to stay where it is warm, comfortable and have lots of babies (in our blood). Stagnant bowels promote these bad guys, so the bowels must be able to move everyday. Our bowels need water in order to move; as well as fiber and healthy fats.

In these times we cannot afford the bowels to move once a day. There is too much bad going in and not enough of it coming out. Drinking water and moving bowels three times a day will solve 80% of our health concerns.

Once the bowels are moving, parasites, bad bacteria, toxic waste, solvents, heavy metals, molds can be eliminated. This is the first step toward health--poop and drink more water.

Body and Mind Connection

Realizing we are not just body parts is a good start. We have a mind and body that are sympathic in nature to one another. There is nothing the body does without the mind knowing it first. And likewise the mind knows just what the body does at all times. They appear inseparable and genius at communication.

For example, when we fear (mind), our body responds by sending the blood to the extremities, our arms and legs. When this happens the blood moves away from the heart and brain into outer areas. This gives energy (power) to those parts to get out of the way of danger, such as meeting a lion on the path.

When we are in a chronic state of stress or fear, blood remains in the extremities, cutting off oxygen and nutrition to vital organs such as brain, heart, spleen. This can cause organs to shrink and die. How we perceive our situation and environment can have a positive or negative affect on our body.

Is it possible our health issues are in part due to how we perceive our environment and the world around us? Yes, they are. Not only should the disease of the body be investigated, but the mind also so the entire life can receive the benefits of health.

When the body is full of toxicity (even negative thoughts create toxicity) it does not perform well. But when the body's systems and organs are cleaned up and working properly, even the mind begins to make decisions based on reason and judgment, not by cravings, pain and suffering. And a wonderful thing takes place too: our willpower returns.

Spiritual Health

Our spiritual wellbeing is as important to us as our physical and mental well being. They are tightly woven together, inseparable: what we do in the physical world has a direct impact over our spiritual life.

Let's look at love. Love is one of those medicines the soul absolutely needs. It heals all things. Have you noticed when you love someone you feel happy and even your health improves while being in that happy state? Love is something that every person on earth desires, for God has put a measure of it inside every heart. Hence, we want to love and be loved always.

In 1944, there was an experiment conducted on 40 newborn infants to determine whether individuals could thrive alone on basic physiological needs without affection. Twenty newborn infants were housed in a special facility where they had caregivers who would go in to feed, bathe them and change their diapers, but they would do nothing else. The caregivers had been instructed not to look at or touch the babies more than what was necessary, never communicating with them. All their physical needs were attended to and the environment was kept sterile, none of the babies became ill.

The experiment ended after four months, where at least half of the babies died. Two more died even after being rescued and brought into a loving home.

Next, consider our beloved animals when they are abused or neglected. The dog, in particular, wags its tails when the owner comes near, with hope for a pat or to hear a good word, but it is left with a hard word and a beating. The interesting thing is, the dog's tail doesn't stop wagging the first day or even the 365th day of abuse, but when it does, it never wags again. Once the animal reaches the point of hopelessness it will never trust the person, even if they reform.

There is only one thing that breaks the heart and that is love: (1) because the heart has lost love (2) because love does not return (3) because love is denied.

But what happens when we don't love or believe we are lovable; or suffer the worst abuse? Are we to be like the dog and never trust again? Perhaps it is not safe to trust the person and even best to stay away, but what we decide to keep in our heart is up to us.

Disappointment and discouragement leads only to bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness. Our decision to stay where love cannot reach the heart keeps us barely alive. Without love we die. It is essential for life. Our cells stop thriving when we stop loving?

We cannot help it if people are cruel. That is their decision and they will suffer for it, but we don't have to believe in their ways and practice them. If their bitterness lives in us, so will their cruelty, for it is cruel to deny ourselves the right to love and to love others.

When we look at our cells in love they show prosperity. Instead of seeing small groups talking of death and building caskets (tumors), our cells begin talking of building communities, working together, practicing life. They have a real purpose and share a common goal: health and happiness. There seems to be a common truth among them: the more we love, the more we have that is good.

The Lord tells us that He is love. If He is love, could He have put that strong need in us for a reason? Can our purpose be simply to love and to find the true Source of it? Some say it is money that makes the world go around, but what if we didnt have love? We apparently can live without money, but not love.

"True affection will overlook many mistakes; love will not discern them." Ellen G. White, Christian Education