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  • Services available
  • Requirements

Available dates

  • September18th
  • October 16th
  • November 6th


  • Hours: 11-5 pm for Medical missionary; 11-2 for Survival Skills.

  • All services must be on the schedule the Friday before Free Day except for Consultation. Consultation must be on the schedule the Sunday before.

  • Jacquelyn will hold sessions here at the center. Please keep posted for location of surivial skills with Jim.

  • Please supply all materials that you wish to take home or that will be used up in session.

  • Groups are welcome, including children.

Free Day

Instructor: Jacquelyn

45 minute Nutrition Consultation
45 minute Colon Hydrotherapy
45 minute Exercise Coaching (walking, stretching, rebounding, stationary biking and floor exercises)
45 minute Christian Mentoring (medical missionary and applying biblical principles)
45 minute Cooking Lesson (blending, juicing, baking, dehydrating, fermenting and stove top)
45 minute Laboratory Activities (making solutions, gels, ointments, tinctures, various home and body products)

Instructor: Jim

Primitive Survival Skills: fire without matches, useful plants, etc. Contact Jim for your options.

Guest Requirements:

For colon hydrotherapy you must supply the following:

  1. your own enema bag
  2. enema ingredients except water (essential oils, coffee, salt...)
  3. an underneath pad for session
  4. slippers

For exercise you must supply the following:

  1. proper shoes
  2. towel(s)
  3. modest attire
  4. slippers

For cooking lesson you must supply the following:

  1. all food ingredients
  2. a form of apron
  3. slippers

For laboratory activities you must supply the following:

  1. all materials
  2. a form of apron
  3. slippers