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Available dates
See calendar


  • Hours: 11-5 or 6 pm. Hours may vary from one free day to the next depending on program.

  • Please keep posted for location of surivial skills with Jim. It can change.

  • Survival Skills will be ongoing throughout the day. Jim may post a schedule or you can contact him.

  • Open schedule is available for private sessions. If there are no private sessions scheduled, the time will be given to other activities. Suggestions can be made.

  • Please sign up in advance
  • All ages can join in the fun but children must have supervision

  • Redeem ozone credit during open hours

  • Inquire about volunteering, leading out or getting involved in some way that can help promote natural health.

Other Activities
group or private

  • nature walks & trampoline
  • herb walk
  • group discussions
  • dinner--bring a vegetarian dish to pass
  • gardening

Please contact us for set times for group activities if not posted.

Free Day



See new dates in calendar for April and May.

Instructor: Jacquelyn

Consultation or Health Discussions
Outdoor Exercise or Activities
Cooking Lesson or Class
Laboratory Activities: making solutions, creams and various other natural remedies

Instructor: Jim

Primitive Survival Skills: fire without matches, useful plants, etc. Contact Jim for your options.

Guest requirements for private sessions: We can supply most things for you at a minimum cost if this is more convenient. You will just have to let us know what you will need.

For exercise you must supply the following:

  1. proper shoes
  2. towel(s)
  3. modest attire

For cooking lesson you must supply the following:

  1. food ingredients
  2. a form of apron
  3. slippers or socks

For laboratory activities you must supply the following:

  1. meterials
  2. a form of apron
  3. slippers or socks


April's Schedule

Health Related Activities

1:00-2:00 Nature Walk or Laboratory (weather dependent)
2:00-3:00 Health Discussion (inside or outside)
3:00-4:30 Cooking Class
3:30-5:00 Open
6:00 Dinner


What's cooking

This cooking class we will make vegetarian burgers and a delicious homemade dressing. We will also talk about how to make sprouts and show how easy it is to make homemade juice.

I am really excited to share with you a recipe for making mini vegan cheesecake. It is easy, quick and delicious! However, cheesecake will most likely have to wait until the next cooking class for a lack of time, but there might be time for banana ice cream. I hope you are able to join us here.