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  • Busting Immune Busters
  • Candida, The Roaring Lion
  • Deep Gut Diving
  • Various Cleanses
  • Open Discussion
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Group Health Discussions

Busting Immune Busters

We will discuss the importance of our immune system and its attack from six major immune busters. They include: PCBs, Benzene, Heavy Metals, Azo Dyes, Asbestos and Mycotoxins (mold). In all cases of Aids and cancer benzene, heavy metals, molds and PCB's are present. We will discuss how to recognize them in our food and environment and how to eliminate them from out of the body for good. Eliminating them from the body lifts the oppression from the immune system so it can fight again. Our primary focus will be on prevention and finding a way out of Aids, cancer and immune related diseases.

Did you know that all HIV and Aids patients are especially burdened with benzene? Benzene when it is broken down in the body turns into formic acid. Formic acid slowly chews at the thymus until all has floated away into the blood stream. This is a major blow to the immune system. The thymus is the home of T-Cells. T-cells are taught there what to attack, whom to help and which cells to kill.

Benzene is difficult to detox simply because the environment is full of it. Once benzene is in the body and mold is present, mold will not allow benzene to be detoxed out. Mold is common in our food, especially grains, nuts and seeds. One would need to address the mold issue first before benzene.

Candida, The Roaring Lion

From infant to adult, symptoms and solutions: This class provides a window into the nature of Candida, how it is at the root of many illnesses and presents practical solutions to eradicate it from the body. Learn what diet, supplements and protocols are best. We will discuss candida’s effect on the gut and look at how to break down biofilms, calcium deposits; and discuss pesky bacteria, parasites, metals and their role in the life of Candida.

Deep Gut Diving

We are at the mercy of others when we do not know our own bodies. If we do not know how the body operates and why it does the things it does, how can we care for it properly and intelligently? We will go through some of the major organs and find out what they are doing, how they are doing it and how to help them do their job more efficiently. Our focus will primarily be on the stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, small and large intestines.

Various Cleanses

Today there are many cleanses on the market. How do you know which one works? The best strategy is to avoid them all and make your own. Learn why it is important to cleanse, how to build a cleanse and get results you can live with.

Did you know that the body is amazing in its ability to heal 100% right now! We would not need to bother with cleansing, but the body is weighed down with so much toxicity that if it were to destroy every toxin or pathogen in the body right now, it would be in a greater crisis cleaning it up. The detox symptoms would be too much to bare and poison it to death.

Open Discussion

There are many topics and questions we never find time to discuss with others. This is a time to share, give a testimony, get advice and support others who strive after optimal health and have fun doing it.