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Health Talks 2018


Notice: Sunday afternoon classes have been changed from 2 to 4,
and are now from 3 - 5 pm. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Troubleshooting the Gut,

Learn what the gut does and how it works! What is leaky gut, constipation, autointoxication, fermentation and prolapsed intestine? Discover the truth about parasites, clostridium (bacteria) and various intestinal conditions. What role do teeth play in gut health? Learn what herbs, supplements and recipes are best at restoring and rebuilding the gut, therefore the whole body!

Key words:

absoption, probiotics, antibiotics, medications, parasites, bacteria, pain, diet, leaky gut syndrome, vitamin, minerals, bone building, dehydration, pH balance

The Stomach to the Rescue!

Don’t buy a stomach, build one! Learn why the stomach is the immune system’s best friend. We will solve the mystery of anemia, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. What is at the root of gassiness, bloating, indigestion and dizziness? How to eradicate parasites and bacteria with herbs, supplements and good hygiene.

Demostration: Vitamin and Mineral Liposomal

Key words:

[bleeding] ulcers, histamine, medication, diet, Vitamin B12, iron, anemia, hydrochloric acid, GERD, bacteria, parasites, calcium absorption, natural remedies

Super Medicinal Ferments,

Rebuilding your body! Contrary to beliefs, fermented food does not cause fermentation in the body. These are foods that rebuild it. Learn how to take your ferment to the next level and make it a super food and your body will thank you for it. We will discuss intestinal health and prepare new and exciting recipes with food, herbs and supplements.

I will also show you one of my favorite methods for pulling metals, insecticide, solvents and removing poisons from the surface of our food.

Candida, the Roaring Lion

Silencing the wild beast! Who doesn't have candida today? Find out what you need to know about Candida and how to get rid of it. Learn what diet, supplements and protocols are best. We will look at biofilms and how to break them down, pesky bacteria, parasites, metals and calcium deposits.

Natural Remedies and Essential Hygiene

What to do in the event of an emergency! Calling upon your neighbor or waiting for the ambulance to arrive can steal precious time you do not have. Learn how to use what you already have. Find out how good hygiene can stop reinfection for all disease. Learn recipes and protocol for good health and much more.

Coming up:

A Look Inside the Pancreas and Liver: Diabetes
Busting Immune Busters
Making Food Safe to Eat
Stop Cancer in One Day