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Medical Missionary Training

General overview

Learn how to...

  • apply natural remedies
  • to assist others in their need for care
  • to operate various kitchen equipment
  • create a healthy and safe environment in the home and at work
  • begin your own garden using Back to Eden methods
  • transform your kitchen into an art studio using delicious food that is full of color, texture, shapes and sizes
  • make food safe to consume
  • make your own medicine


  • What to do when life is threatened and immediate help is needed
  • Discover what is behind disease and what can be done about it
  • Explore the eight laws of health, Bible priniciples and what they look like practically
  • Learn what supplements are good and how and when to use them
  • Secret recipes that work wonders at restoring health, beauty and promote longevity
  • Understanding the language of the body
  • An in depth look at the plan of salvation
  • Taking the gospel door to door

Survival techniques and skills that can save you and others in a life threatening situation

Learn how to...
  • make a shelter by using material found in your environment
  • build a fire from raw resources without the use of modern means
  • purify water and stay healthy in extreme times
  • stay warm during cold months through conservation of energy, and with resources available from the environment
  • identify plants on nature walks that are edible and how they can be used in everyday living or in case of an emergency