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For Your Convenience

Fresh Wheatgrass:
1/2 lbs $17.00
1 lbs $35
1 oz. juice $2.00

Fresh Carrot Juice:
1 quart 16 oz. $6.50

Fresh Coconut Milk Kefir:
1 quart $7.00 flavored
1 quart $6.75 unflavored

Organic Filtered Coffee for Enema:
1 quart $4.50

Liver Flush Kit:
Instructions, herbs and ozonated oil

Kidneys Cleanse:
Instructions, herbs and supplements


Summer & Fall Specials
Discount for multiple sessions
Contact us for pricing


FIR Sauna with Shower and Juice: 45 minutes:

Enema, FIR Sauna with Shower, Juice: 2 hours

Exercise, Enema, Juice (with shower): 1.75 hours
Cooking Lessons: options: sauces, dressings, cultured foods, juicing, dehydrating, sprouting, basic food preparation: hourly
Exercise with Juice: 30-45 minutes

Red and NIR Light: Therapy 20 minutes

Before and After Live Blood Analysis, Exercise, Juice, Red/NIR Light: 1.5 hours

Exercise options: body weight strength training, rebounding, trampoline, hiking, walking, jump rope.