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What we do

Our Daily Services


Set up a time to meet and discuss where you have been, where you are going and where you want to be. View here for more details.

Medical Missionary Training

Medical Missionary Training is available for those who have a willing heart to help others. If it is your desire to help relieve the suffering and pain of those around you, you will find this program has all the tools you need. It is a hands-on two and a half week course that will give you a practical understanding of what it takes to be well. View here for more details.

at home health

At Home Health is a great option for those who are new in healthful living and want to learn more. It is designed for those who would like to stay in the comfort of their home, but to have assistance through a visit, email and/or phone counsultation. View here for more details.

Health Presentations

Health presentations are open to the public. They are held Sunday afternoon between 2-4 pm; 4-4:30 Q & A, here at Eastman Hill Health and Training Center.

Community Service

Contact us to set up a time to discuss details for health talks or training classes. They can be held in private homes, libraries, schools, gyms, businesses, churches and outdoors.

Private and Group Cooking Lessons

Adult and young adult group cooking lessons are available here at the Center. They are sometimes held at other locations. Food sampling and hands on training is a small part of our time together.

Neighborhood Gatherings

Once a month we come together to discuss health in a public or residential setting. If this is something you are interested in learning more about please contact us. This is a great way to meet people in the area, to encourage one another, build confidence, share ideas and have fun.

Our Wilderness Survival Training Program is also available.

Contact us for more details.