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Keeping Perspective

"If you want life to have more health in it, then bring more health into it."

"If you want to be better, then allow room for improvement."

"If change is what is desired, then make it!"

"If you want more love, then love more."

"If it be bad, let it be good."

"One right decision can mean everything."

Back to Nature Series
with Medical Missionary, Health Coach, Jacquelyn Blizzard



Wild Greens, Wheatgrass & Carrot Juice Workshop Sunday, August 18th, 2019, 2-5 pm Class Fee: $15

Forage for wild greens, prepare your own tray of wheatgrass and make delicious juice from wild greens, wheatgrass and carrots! We will discuss juicing, juicers, fasting, detoxification and testimonies that will encourage anyone to get started.

The Lecture's main focus is on cell function, detoxification, oxygen, the kreb cycle in the mitochondria and the liver.

Demo: Carrot, Wheatgrass and wild greens juicing. Identifying wild edibles. Getting started with indoor wheatgrass.

Bring your walking shoes for a leisurely walk around the yard. We most likely will end earlier than 5 pm.

Sprouting & Dehydrating Workshop
Sunday, August 25th, 2019, 2-5 pm. Class Fee: $15

We continue our quest for health and healing with foods that give life to the eater. Sprouting is a wonderful addition to any daily regime as they are full of live enzymes and essential nutrients the body needs to build bones, stay active, think right and to feel good about oneself.

Find out how easy it is to grow your own sprouts and make delicious food with them. Discussion and deomonstrations will be on caring for sprouts, sprouting set-ups, ways to use sprouts, dehydrating sprouts and their health benefits.

Demo: sprouting from the beginning, pizza crust, crackers, nut seed cheese, salad dressing and dessert.


Digestive System Workshop,
Part 1, Sunday September 8th, 2019, 2-5 pm. Class Fee: $10

So what’s really going on inside your gut? We will discuss organ health and disease, our environment and gut, hygiene, proper care, cleansing and supplementation. Our food demostration offers solutions for maximum absorption of nutritents and meeting deficiencies.

Understanding the body is key to treating it with wisdom and care. We will dispel some of the mysteries that keep people bound to destructive lifestyles and encourage confidence to make healthy changes.

Demo: alternative liposomal (from the Natural Remedies Workshop) for vitamin and mineral absorption.

Digestive System Workshop, Part 2
Sunday, September 22nd, 2019, 2-5 pm. Class Fee: $15

Feed your gut flora with the kind of foods, drinks, and a little on exercise that they love! We will discuss gut ecology, foods that encourage healthy bacteria, foods to avoid, recipes to live by and tasty delicious pre-made foods.

Every cell needs food and depends on the body's ability to digest it, but when the gut is damaged, food is not properly broken down or absorbed. Cells can therefore starve to death, but fermented foods are pre-digested. They work wonders supplying much needed nutrition while the gut is being healed.

Demo: rejuvelac, rejuvelac plus, coconut milk kefir, cultured vegetables, seeds and nuts, and exercise.

Natural Remedies Workshop
Sunday, October 6th, 2019, 2-5 pm. Class fee: $15

Be your own health specialist! Our focus will be on poultices and compresses, natural antibiotics, sunshine, grounding techniques, liposomal vitamin C, B and herbs and exploring healing devices that detox heavy metals, chemicals, plastics out of the body and restore health.

We will discuss parasite protocol, measure dirty electricity in the environment and body; and find solutions to maintain a healthy environment. We will discuss metals inside cells and their role in disease.

We will meet the following week if we do not finish up on the 6th. It will be held at the same time and place. This workshop takes a little time, but it is well worth attending.

Water Cure Workshop, Sunday October 27th, 2-5 pm. Class fee: $25

How did the Native Americans stop small pox in its tracks? And Louis, age 10, get rid of scarlet fever in six days? How does Martin recover from inflammation of the lungs? What to do when a vaccine goes bad. Don't miss this workshop!